We aim to have the best classic Bollywood movies and we'll be purchasing new content on a regular basis.

Coinvidz.com will bring on-demand profiles of the biggest stars, the newest stars, classic songs from Bollywood, behind the scenes clips,unseen deleted scenes, the latest gossip, interviews, dance routines, even video auditions for Bollywood roles.

Bollywoodcoin bounties for various projects that will bring talented people into our development team.

Community driven, we will regularly reach out to our community for feedback on any extra features we could add.

Bollywood themed games can be launched on android or pc will use BDC as a payment method for purchasing the game itself as well as micro-transactions in-game.

Bollywood themed online casinos, roulette tables and poker using BDC to play.

BDC hosted fashion shows, festival mela’s, bhangra nights, meet the stars and many more events will be organised to help promote the BDC brand.

Due to India having almost one billion mobile phones. We are working on BDC transactions via text SMS service.

Bollywoodcoin faucet will help the distribution of BDC to anyone who has internet access.

We hope to create something bigger than a media network.