Currently there is limited access to Bollywood classics that have been lost to time and VHS.  There are a few websites that do offer bollywood movies however most do not give anything back to the Bollywood directors, producers and actors in anyway.  We aim to give royalties back to the creators of these wonderful moments of art using our revolutionary new "Movie Bank" system.
Technology is giving us the chance to enjoy those times again.  We are offering people a service that allow them to enjoy the moments that time forgot.  The network will be for anyone to watch and enjoy all their favourite Bollywood memories.

Coinvidz' aim is to give direct access to quality classic Bollywood content.  Videos, music and games all with Bollywood Coin. 

Movies can be viewed for 24 hours each after paying with BDC.  Free movies and other promotions will be available for all to enjoy on a regular basis.

This combination of coin, movie bank and movie network is unique to Bollywoodcoin.

Coinvidz is in beta phase and will be fully operational before 01/12/2014