Bollywoodcoin (BDC) is a 21st Century digital currency that allows anyone and everyone to send transactions anywhere in the world without the need for a bank account.
With BDC, people with no bank facilities can purchase online media and retail, transact between businesses or simply person to person.  Bollywoodcoin is an open-source technology designed to be used anywhere in and around the Bollywood ecosystem
With BDC, business’ now have a cheaper payment solution for suppliers and customers with no restrictive fees or banking policies to slow them down.

Why have your business accept only credit/debit cards in a country where only one in seven people have one ?

India has more people with internet enabled smartphones than it does with bank accounts and has the second largest mobile phone user base in the world with almost one billion connected devices.

To store and trade your Bollywoodcoin an internet enabled device like a laptop, pc, mac, tablet or smartphone is all you need.

Our aim is to create an alternative currency that benefits everyone.

key benefits

No bank account required.

Can be used by anyone without age restrictions.

Fast and secure worldwide currency transfer.

High potential as an investment.

Open source.

Ideal free alternative payment option for online Bollywood

content providers.

Recommended for micro-transactions to purchase small online items.

Great gift to send abroad on birthdays or festivals.

Accepted by movie network COINVIDZ.COM.

Unique new movie banking system.

New asic resistant algorithm, Neoscrypt

Optional online wallet option with Coinpunk.

Can be traded for BTC instantly on various exchange platforms.

Experienced and well known coin development team.

Created by Shahid Anwar.

Developed by Peter Bushnell.